Saturday, December 26, 2015

Dec 26

Well Christmas 2015 is over. Two kids did what expected by not doing anything with their mom or family.
Diane has decided to say the heck with them. We will see.
Its a rainy 26th of Dec.. Uck
Diane baked and decorated a cake for the son of a pervious employee that is going I to the army. God bless him and  the family.
Doing laundry.  Yea!!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas morn

Well got to sleep in.
The kids( cats and dog) got to open their stockings full of treats.
Diane is now making stuff for Christmas dinner at her parents.
Mine we are just showing up.
Nothing from any of the kids. Not one word. What a shame. They suck as one's children. NO RESPECT to their mother or even their father.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

No family

Well, another Christmas Eve and Dianes' kids killed it again. Bryn really tried to have something here at the house but his siblings shot it down . Diane tried to explain that Morgan and Kevin would cancel like they always do. Kevin 's in laws rule their lives and Morgan just hates. Diane cried for hours because of this. I tired to get her to go some place but her hope is strong but the disappointment is stronger. We are betting they don't show at Diane's families Christmas. If Morgan does show up it is an act and everyone it.
Well we are also going to my sister's house. We don't want to go, but I will go to see my mum. She made the decision to move in with Kim and Joel, with influence from Kim.
I don' t really care for Kim due to all the stuff she has done. I try to forgive but it is hard too.
Well we will see.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Needle day

I call today needle day. Every place I turned today it seemed like I was getting stuck with needles. First was the finger pricks and the insulin shots, then I got my blood drawn for my lipids and A1c. After that the b12 shot. And finally the infusion. That was a trip today. We waited for an hour after they put the iv in for my meds. Come to find out they did order my med. Let just say too many people doing things. After that fact it ws fun talk7ng about MS to the nurses. Enough tho they give the meds they don't really know much about the auto immune issue.
Tomorrow is doctor visit day just my 4 month checkup. Hoping thing go straight.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Multiple Sclerosis

What can I say about Multiple Sclerosis. Well it is a major trip.
I found out that I had MS in March 2015.
It started when I was shoveling snow and ice off our driveway so I could get to work the next day. When I got done my feet and legs started feeling numb and asleep.  As the days the days went on I lost my coordination and balance and walking was a challenge. One day I woke up and could not move hardly. My wife called the doctor and the PA was completely stumped. She sent me home and said come back if is worst it got worst. My regular doctor was at a loss at what was going on. He sent me to a brain and spine specialist. They IVed me with some heavy duty steroids that helped my walking. They Did an MRI and then a spinal tap. Neither one was any fun. During a three hour MRI My blood sugar dropped way low. That was not good since I have type 2 diabetes. The spinal tap felt like the doctor was having to use his knee in my back to get the needle in.
I spent 7 days in the hospital. The whole time I was walking around and exercising to get my walking back. I walked out of the hospital.
I started taking Tysabri some time after my hospital stay.
Tysabri is a black box drug. In other words it can kill me or give me brain damage. It sucks knowing this but it is helping me live.


WoW, It has been forever that I have blogged on this site.
Guess I should start again.
It has been a very interesting year.
 The biggest thing that has happened this year to me is that I was put in the hospital in March. they found out that I have MS. Now that was a shocker. They think I have had it for basically my whole life. Shoveling snow and ice off the driveway kick started a major event.
Since then we have moved back into town. That has been a major event in its self.
Kevin and Anna and the three girls (Kaylee, Chloe and Casey) moved out of the house we were letting them live in. They moved to Carbondale and left us a big mess. This is a complete remodel. Bryn has helped out but he is starting to slack off and no room is completely done.
Oh well at least we are not trapped at the lake this year. If the first part of winter is any indication it may just be the mildest winter we have had.