Sunday, December 20, 2015


WoW, It has been forever that I have blogged on this site.
Guess I should start again.
It has been a very interesting year.
 The biggest thing that has happened this year to me is that I was put in the hospital in March. they found out that I have MS. Now that was a shocker. They think I have had it for basically my whole life. Shoveling snow and ice off the driveway kick started a major event.
Since then we have moved back into town. That has been a major event in its self.
Kevin and Anna and the three girls (Kaylee, Chloe and Casey) moved out of the house we were letting them live in. They moved to Carbondale and left us a big mess. This is a complete remodel. Bryn has helped out but he is starting to slack off and no room is completely done.
Oh well at least we are not trapped at the lake this year. If the first part of winter is any indication it may just be the mildest winter we have had.

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