Thursday, December 24, 2015

No family

Well, another Christmas Eve and Dianes' kids killed it again. Bryn really tried to have something here at the house but his siblings shot it down . Diane tried to explain that Morgan and Kevin would cancel like they always do. Kevin 's in laws rule their lives and Morgan just hates. Diane cried for hours because of this. I tired to get her to go some place but her hope is strong but the disappointment is stronger. We are betting they don't show at Diane's families Christmas. If Morgan does show up it is an act and everyone it.
Well we are also going to my sister's house. We don't want to go, but I will go to see my mum. She made the decision to move in with Kim and Joel, with influence from Kim.
I don' t really care for Kim due to all the stuff she has done. I try to forgive but it is hard too.
Well we will see.

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