Thursday, January 21, 2016

MS cure?

Hmm, could it be or not. There are so many drugs that control or lessen episodes of MS. The last in line and my drug of choice is a black box or black label drug. In other words it is drug that either kills you or can cause major brain damage. Until recently it was said that the average time on this drug is two years but as time has gone on people are taking it longer and longer. In my case it's been 8 months. Can I tell a difference, well I am walking and I have a degree of lesser pain. When I was first diagnosed I was becoming paralyzed.  Numbness up to my chest. Very scary,  I really don't want to go through that again.
A few years a go the was a doctor in Europe that said he found a way to cure for MS. It involved snipping nerves. Sorry that isn't happening. Apparently other thought the same way. You don't hear of that anymore.
Now England has done studies with stem cells. It stands to reason if the cell can regenerate newer cleaner cells why can't  they create new nerve cells with new protective coating. Back up would we need new nerve cells? Well MS deals with your own immune system attacking health nerve cells destroying the protective coating.
Okay there are 6 major types of MS . Look them up nasty stuff. The rarest and nastiest is a relapsing progressive type. In other words it gets worst as time goes on and there is no recovery or dormant time.
It would be truly awesome to have a new weapon to fight with and just maybe a safer one. Only time will tell.

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