Saturday, April 9, 2016

Day of Test

Haven't blogged in a bit sorry, too many things going on .
Yesterday 4\5\16 was a day of tests.
Had to be at the hospital by 6:00am to start. They started with a chest X-ray and then a blood test. They only stuck me one time thank goodness. Just got sat down from that and they called me for my MRI check up. Well it took ten sticks to get the contrast in. I felt like a pin cushion. It took 3 hours for that test and my back and right shoulder were killing me. Walked out after that into the lobby and it was light out.  When I went in it was dark still. Everyone was looking at me because of all the gauss pads taped to me. The last test was a EKG guess it had nod no issues.
All of this because of my MS and me wanting a port so I don't get stuck so much. Best part I got to sleep the rest of the day.    

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